Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I know I know and eggs

Ok, so I PROMISED potato soup.. and you will have it.. but the house has been full of sick.. and that is NOT fun.. to put it one way, I HATE the smell of lysol.. HATEHATEHATE it.. its just gross.. as the 7 year old is sleeping I hope this is the end of the 4 of us being sick..

so that being said here is something small to hold you over...

hard boiled eggs..

I have read a ton of ways to make them.. but I use my own as it works well..

take the eggs you want, I have done 4 and all the way up to 16 at a time..
put a steamer basket in the pot and the eggs in that
pour COLD water till it covers the eggs by about an inch and a half
then put a temp probe into the water along the side of the steamer basket with the alarm set for 212*
once the alarm goes off set a timer for 13 mins.. yes.. 13...
when the timer goes off turn off the heat and run COLD COLD water into the pot till you can handle the steamer basket and pull that out still running cold water on the eggs and then fill the pot again and let the eggs sit in COLD water for about 20 mins then pop them into the fridge..

PERFECT every time!!!
I then peel them by cracking a spot, rolling the whole egg breaking the shell up very well and peel under running water..

now you are set to make what ever you like with them.. put them in salad, make egg salad make potato salad with them in it, eat them as they are. YUM!!


  1. I made hard boiled eggs last night at like 12:30 am and they peeled really well this morning. Only problem is I was not paying attention to what I did! I will have to try this. My morning is so much less annoying when they peel cleanly!

  2. that is how they come out best!!! Zen Eggs!!!! :)