Thursday, April 5, 2012

cinnamon sugar popcorn

OK OK OK I know I said if you were good I would do the baked potato soup... but I figured if I am lucky enough to get the ham bone again from Easter dinner I can make it and take pictures!!! So you get today's snack for the kids.. CINNAMON SUGAR POPCORN!! it was downright tasty.. I have the pictures on the camera but need to locate the cord so I will add them later.. Now you can pop your corn how ever you like.. I don't care.. I used my lovely air popper.. its fun and let me tell you.. the kids LOVE it.. and they aren't all that expensive and the popcorn is way better for you then the stuff that comes in the microwave bag thingies.. I have recently learned that you can just put the kernels into a brown paper lunch sack and nuke them that way too.. but what ever you like.. so here you go..

1 cup unpopped popcorn
3 TBLSPS of butter, melted
cinnamon sugar to taste

I know I know.. how much is "to taste" what ever you LIKE start out light and if you want more add more! I used my McCormick cinnamon sugar grinder thingy... LOVE IT!! so.. here you go.. the how..

pop your corn how ever you want.. I did it in the air popper and this gets the kids excited!! I have to do it in 2 batches as my popper does 1/2 cup at a time.. but that's OK.. as its popping melt the butter, I dumped the butter on the 1st time then tossed it up then added the cinnamon sugar, the 2nd time I added some to the butter (I let the kids taste the 1st batch and rapidly knew 1 batch would not be enough lol) so add as much as you like.. then I put a lid on the bowl and shook it all up.. put in bowls, put on a movie, and NOM!!

It was a VERY tasty snack and made little faces happy.. and the big one too..

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